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I have to tell you sir, it feels like I have a NEW bike!!! And a new KNEE!!! I rode 3 hours on Saturday -first hour easy, mostly coaching some of my athletes on gear changes on hills etc, then an hour steady and an hour HARD. I was flying UP hills at 37.5kph. My knee pain is 100% gone on the bike ride!! Un-REAL! I feel so strong and powerful on the bike, the aero position was quite comfortable and the new longer stem is way more stable downhill!

I did a 20 km time trial section for fun, after 2.5 hours – and rode it in 29 minutes. That’s nearly 40kph on a very hilly road – nice. I cannot thank you enough!!

There are two people from our triathlon club coming to see you. I anticipate that you will be seeing a LOT more of us in your basement in the next few weeks as I spread the word!!

I look forward to seeing you in Oliver and having a nice, knee-pain-free bike split!!

– Scott


Thank you Marcelo.

I greatly appreciated your advice and found the fitting very informative. Fascinating, actually! I hope to purchase a new seat tomorrow and then will be in contact with you after my vacation and your vacation. Your service was well above and beyond my expectations.

Enjoy your holiday!

– Linda



Thank you for the bike fit this morning and as I said at the fitting you provided the best and most complete fit I have had.

Please let be know when you start providing bike sizing.

Best regards,

– John