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Swimovate PoolMate Watch

The PoolMate is the ideal swimming watch for accurately tracking your lap count. Simply press the Start button and begin swimming - no more forgetting your lap count or having to use manual counters to keep track of your progress. The state of the art PoolMate swimming lap counter watch will automatically track each lap in your session, making it easy to track your progress. Designed by swimmers, mastered by a team of engineers, bringing a major leap forward in technology that exists on the market today. It measures statistics for your overall session, but furthermore, it will record the same data for up to 99 individual sets per session so you can see how your data changes throughout a swim.

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Swimovate PoolMate Pro Watch

In addition to the features included in the basic PoolMate swimming watch, such as the automatic counting of laps and strokes and calculations of speed, distance, calories and efficiency, the PoolMate Pro includes added PC functionality. Using our expertly developed software, the best swimming watch for serious athletes, the PoolMate Pro will download session data onto your PC, making it easy to quickly analyze your results and start improving your swimming.

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Swimovate PoolMate Heart Rate Watch

The All New PoolMate Heart Rate watch is the most advanced swimming watch ever produced. It is the only automatic swimming computer with heart rate monitoring and vibrating alarm. While most heart rate monitors do not work under water, the PoolMateHR from Swimovate works in and out of the water. The unique vibrating alarm lets you know when you have swum a certain number of laps, a certain distance, or for a specific period of time.

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Swimovate PoolMate Live Watch

The PoolMate Live is the latest addition to the Swimovate lineup of lap-counting swimming watches. The PoolMate Live features a vibrating alarm, large display characters, and a optional usb download clip that allows for download of swimming data to your Mac or PC. Click here to purchase the PoolMate Live Download Clip. The PoolMate Live also has all of the features that have made the original PoolMate watch so popular - automatic counting of laps and strokes, and the calculation of speed, distance, calories, and swimming efficiency.

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