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Who is Marcelo Sulkin?

Marcelo Sulkin is a Physical Education teacher who has been personally involved in sports since he was seven years old. That is when he started his first swimming lessons and soon after, started to compete in swimming. At the same time, he started playing tennis with his older brother and later became a tennis coach.

Marcelo branched into water polo, and as a player won many national and international titles. He also started open water swimming for which he won many races. He is a Level 2 water polo coach, and took the Calgary team to Nationals.

As an adult he has participated in many other competitive sports such as volleyball, basketball, racquetball, and squash.

As part of the training for these different sports, he got involved in long distance running for half and full marathons.

His has been a triathlete since 2003 and became a certified triathlete coach in 2010. He has competed in meets from Olympic to Ironman distance, and shared the podium from 3rd place to 1st place in his age category multiple times.

Why Coaching?

Marcelo has always been interested in developing and helping athletes to get better in what they do.

That is why he has become a triathlon coach in addition to his training in physical education. He is a certified bike fitter, having taken courses in LA and Seattle. For a triathlete, a well-fitted and adjusted bike can make a big difference related to comfort and results. In our opinion, athletes don’t put enough attention on a well-fitted bike, considering that the bike portion is the longest of all the three elements of our sport.


“Hard work and dedication.”

These qualities are needed from both coach and athlete.

The coach will test the athlete on the three sports, analyze every component and element to try to improve the athlete’s performance. The coach will be in constant dialogue with the athlete to ensure progress.

The Program

The coach will send the athlete a weekly program with all the details about how to perform each workout.


Our fees are $150.00 per month with a $120.00 initial fee. The initial fee will include: the bike fitting, tests, and the setup of the program. After our first meeting, the athlete will pay the initial fee plus two months in advance. Monthly payments will be due before the coach sends the next workout sessions.

If you’re considering personal coaching, but still need more information, please send us an email or give us a call. We look forward to answering all your questions!