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Bike Fitting

Why bike fitting?

Bike fitting is the most important interface between the bike
and the rider.

A quality bike fitting by a certified experienced professional will ensure you are reaching your maximum potential on the bike in terms of proper bio mechanics and physiological conditions for
your body.

What is bike fitting?

Bike fitting is the science of positioning a cyclist on his bike for proper bio mechanics in order to utilize the bike for optimum performance.

A successful bike fitting will make the rider more efficient and comfortable so he or she will be able to take maximum advantage of their bike. The Importance of Bike Sizing »

Our Philosophy

There has to be a balance between the three basic elements for bike fitting. These three elements have to work together in order for the rider to have a great performance.





Is the result of the other two elements, and how efficient the rider is in his pedal stroke. The common mistake is that many riders use the power of the quads muscles only and never use the hamstring and gluteus muscles. The results of this is they cramp easier or get tired sooner. We analyze which muscles the rider is using, point out their mistakes and optimize the bike to work in the perfect way for that persons particular cycling style.


If the rider doesn’t feel comfortable in the saddle, it affect the way he/she will pedals.
That means they won’t be very efficient and he/she will use different muscle which in a long bike ride will affect their performance or efficiency.


Many times riders will sacrifice comfort for the right aerodynamic position. Over the years I helped many triathletes who thought that buying a triathlon bike will improve their times. The problem was their position. They couldn’t stay in the aero position more than 10 minutes, and that defeat the purpose of aerodynamics.

How is the bike fitting done?

  1. We will conduct an interview, learning about the rider, experience and goals.
  2. We take measurements and alignments (like length of the legs, hip rotation etc.)
  3. We will laser beam the movements of the legs compared with the foot, analyze
    cleat position and proper contact between foot and pedal.
  4. Lastly, we will do an analysis of the rider’s pedal stoke.

Who is the bike fitter?

Marcelo Sulkin
Certified Bike Fitter


Physical Education Teacher
Triathlete Coach: Certified
NCPP: Certified
Water Polo Coach: Certified
Bike Fitting: Certified.

Bike Fitting Schools
  • Bikefit with Paul Swift and Katerina Vogel
  • F.I.S.T. Tri Bike System with Dan Empfield