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Welcome to Balance Bike Fitting & Coaching

Many people ask me, why coaching and bike fitting?

The main reason is that as a triathlete I was always looking for the perfect POSITION, COMFORT AND POWER. I went to different bike fitters but there was always something missing in the process of fitting. During my training as a bike fitter, I learned that you can’t rely on only one procedure of the bike fitting, but that three aspects actually come into play.

The first aspect of bike fitting is to make sure that the person I’m fitting can perform efficiently in those angles (we refer to them as ‘perfect’ angles). The Importance of Bike Sizing »

Advances and technology are changing constantly. This means I must have the ability to recognize the changes and how they translate to the necessary adjustments in each athlete’s position. My Background »

These changes affect many different aspects of each bike such as: frames, saddles, crank size, super bikes with integrated stems etc.

The second aspect is the pedal technique influence by aspects such as: how you pedal, numb toes, knee problems, body build, past injuries, short legs, long legs, short torso, long torso etc.

The third aspect is to teach the athlete how to pedal efficiently.

With many years as a coach and a bike fitter I integrate my knowledge and experience to provide the athlete with the best of both worlds.

Considering Personal Coaching or a Bike Fit?

If you’re considering personal coaching, but still need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d be happy to answer all your questions!

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– Marcelo Sulkin
Triathlon Coach & Bike Fitter

P.S. My bike fitting technology allows me to fit not only tri bikes, but road bikes and off-road bikes as well.
If you’re looking to have your best ever biking experience this season, give me a call!


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